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Veterans Connect USA is reaching out to veteran organizations and inviting groups to join and participate in our monumental project.

Our FREE internet database unites the 40k+ veteran groups around the country into one centralized website to create a network where veterans, veteran spouses, and/or children of veterans can search for anything they need.

After talking to Veterans, one of their top issues was that they didn’t know about their benefits, finding resources, and where to go.

Veterans Connect USA is a UNITING organization, so more Veterans can…

  • Find resources faster to connect Veterans to your organization by keyword and or location.
  • Take advantage of a coaching initiative that allows Veterans to achieve their goals by targeting different issues with forward-facing solutions.
  • Access a barter system that helps both you and the Veterans save money and find best use resources nationwide.
  • Support all of your organization’s events and other Veteran organizations in your network.
  • Network to connect, support, and solve issues because we are stronger together.

Our mission and vision are to offer resources and programs to ALL Veterans.

Veterans Connect USA will connect wraparound services in addition to developing our housing initiative for houseless Veterans.

We invite you to join us in uniting “The power of ONE” because we are more powerful TOGETHER!

Unemployed Veterans

Due to the weak job market and Covid restrictions, employment has been difficult for veterans to obtain. We are preparing to help with employment benefits such as job training, resume writing and education.

Homeless Veterans

Veterans Connect is developing affordable housing developments specifically designed for Veterans. Working with TGI Solar Power Group, we are creating smart homes that can provide homeless vets with their own 21st century home.

Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans need very special benefits. We will be working with a number of organizations that provide those benefits.

We Can Help The Veterans Together


Coaches Across America is working with Veterans to improve different areas of life, work, build effective communication skills to achieve their goals and balance.


American Barter Exchange is working with Veterans to help exchange services and goods in return. There is no yearly fee, and American Barter Exchange has discounted its rates by 50%.

Academic Mentorship

Veterans Connect is developing strategic communication and writing for Veterans to give them what they need to complete their mission in life.

Corporate Donations and Sponsor a Veteran

Your donations will help our not-for-profit 501 c3 organization with our low-cost programs and will help to build communities of homes for OUR house-less veterans.

Learn more on how to become a Veterans Connect USA sponsor Today!

Your Events and Supporting Veterans

Supporting Veteran Events Across the country, your organization can post them on our site. Uniting organizations into the power of ONE. Click here to find local events and support YOUR fellow Veterans!

Growing Veterans Connect USA

Veterans Connect USA is working with Veterans and listening to their needs. Looking for ways to improve their lives and give them the resources they need.

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Financial Advisor

Creating this journey for myself in the financial advisory industry allows me the opportunity to work in my passion for helping people and Veterans.

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Veterans Crisis Line

Veterans Crisis Line

The Veterans Crisis Line is a free, confidential resource available to any Veteran, even if they are not enrolled in VA health care or registered with VA.

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